PRO-AUTO: Pro–Auto is a privately owned service centre for cars and light commercial vehicles. The garage is conveniently located on an old RAF base (currently Heyford Park) in Upper Heyford, Bicester. PRO-AUTO: Highlighter GK4 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles.

Domestic vehicles

  • We offer service, maintenance and repairs of all domestic vehicles
  • Watch your vehicle being serviced on our workshop webcam
  • Vehicle collection and delivery available free of charge
  • Courtesy cars available free of charge
  • Free external wash offered

Aircon recharge

Aircon recharge Pro-Auto Bicester

Tyres / Balancing

Tyres Balancing Bicester Garage Services

Free external wash

Free external wash Bicester Garage Services


MOT bay – Bicester Garage Services – MOT test centre