PRO-AUTO: Pro–Auto is a privately owned service centre for cars and light commercial vehicles. The garage is conveniently located on an old RAF base (currently Heyford Park) in Upper Heyford, Bicester. PRO-AUTO: Highlighter GK4 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles.

Tyres & Alignment

Wheels and Alignment - Wheel alignment Bicester - Wheel Balancing Bicester

Tyres balancing – Bicester Garage Services
  • Tyre repairs
  • Tyre replacements
  • Wheel balancing
  • Full four wheel computer alignment/geometry
  • Run flats
  • Watch your vehicle having its wheels aligned on our workshop webcam
  • Vehicle collection and delivery free of charge

What is 'Four Wheel Alignment'?

Four wheel aligment

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Benefits of Four Wheel Alignment

  • safety of you and you passengers
  • dramaticaly increase tyre life
  • improved car handling
  • improved braking
  • improved fuel economy
  • reduce vehicle component wear